7 Travel Blog Niche Ideas To Make Money with a Blog

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The travel niche is an excellent niche to create a blog with. This is especially true if your goal is to generate income with your blog. However, the travel niche is broad so it helps to niche down in order to stand out and have less competition.

That being said, these travel blog niche ideas may help you brainstorm and choose a niche that you love. Read on to get some travel blog ideas. I will also share how you can promote affiliate products and create a steady income online.

Travel Blog Niche Ideas

  • Focus on a specific country or countries
  • Keep it local (your city, state)
  • Travel gear reviews
  • Best hotels or areas to stay while visiting
  • Food focused travel
  • Amusement parks
  • RV travel

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travel blog niche ideas - london

1. Focus On a Specific Country or Countries

Do you love traveling in a certain country or countries? You can start a travel blog that focuses on the countries that you like most. Think Rick Steves’ Europe.

Rick Steves focuses solely on countries in Europe and does it well. You can do the same with your travel blog. Create categories for each country and write about the best destinations, restaurants, tourist spots, how to budget, etc.

By focusing on one specific country or multiple countries, you will have tons of content that you can create. This means plenty of opportunity for making money with your blog in the form of display ads and affiliate programs.

2. Keep It Local To Your City or State

Having a travel blog doesn’t mean that you have to actually travel abroad. You can be an expert in your own city and/or state. Other travelers are likely seeking out information about the city or state you’re in.

Your blog can be the go-to resource for these travelers. You can provide a perspective that many travelers are seeking. For example, some people want to know the hole-in-the-wall places that locals go to.

Or they want to stay away from tourist spots in general. Your content can let them know the best times to visit, the best places to stay, best places to eat, and more.

What is great about local travel blogs is that you can create relationships with local businesses and charge for advertising or create affiliate partnerships.

If you live in a popular city for tourists, you would be amazed at how much interest your city can get through blogging and a YouTube channel.

A great example of this is ActionKid on YouTube. He has close to 150,000 subscribers that watch videos of him simply walking through various parts of New York.

3. Travel Gear Reviews

If you really like travel gear, you can make excellent affiliate commissions by reviewing travel gear. You don’t even need to travel to create this type of niche blog.

There are tons of gear that you can review such as backpacks, clothing, camera & video equipment, shoes, and so much more. The issue that you may run into is buying the various gear to review.

However, it isn’t impossible. If you can buy a few items per month to review, when you are done, you can resell them online to recoup some of your money.

There are various affiliate programs that you can apply to as well that will help with generating income. For example, there are some great backpack affiliate programs that offer good commission rates or luxury travel affiliate programs as well.

You can also extend your content to YouTube for even more targeted visitors. Include your affiliate links in your YouTube descriptions to boost your affiliate earnings.

4. Best Hotels or Areas To Stay While Visiting

Anyone can rent a hotel or Airbnb, but many travelers want a local’s perspective for the best areas to stay. If you travel often, you can make part of your focus on finding the coolest places to stay.

Some people want to stay in a location that has plenty of walkability or maybe they simply want the cheapest spot to save money.

Your blog can highlight these areas and provide a ton of great information for other travelers. As your blog grows in web traffic, you can earn income through display ads and affiliate programs.

5. Food Focused Travel

A food travel blog is a good fit if you consider yourself a foodie and like exploring food when you travel.

Mark Wiens is a great example of this. His food travel blog, Migrationology receives a lot of traffic and was his start to making money online.

Since starting his food travel blog, he has also become extremely popular on YouTube with over 6 million subscribers. That goes to show you that there are no limitations when it comes to travel blogging.

With hard work and continuous effort, you can grow your blog and your brand as big as you want.

6. Amusement Parks

Don’t underestimate this travel niche. There are people that dedicate blogs to Disneyland and Disney World. Some of these Disney bloggers are doing very well income-wise from their blogs.

You don’t have to focus on Disney, there are tons of other amusement parks that you can visit and write about. You can even add in different fairs and events local to you.

The key is writing about ways to save money, where to park, where to eat, best places to stay, trip planning, and more. Try to be has helpful as possible in writing your content and you can attract plenty of interested web visitors.

Best of all, this niche can make money with a variety of affiliate programs.

7. RV Travel

There are many people that are new to owning an RV and need a lot of information when it comes to traveling and living in their RV.

If you have experience in this niche, you can help a lot of people by sharing your experiences with various RV parks, how to stock an RV with food and supplies, and general maintenance.

The great thing about this niche is that there are tons of affiliate products that you can recommend. This is another great niche that you can expand your earnings with your own YouTube channel.

Starting Your Own Travel Blog

Once you have narrowed down your niche, starting your own travel blog is extremely easy. I always recommend using a self-hosted WordPress website.

What that means is you will actually retain 100% ownership of your blog by registering your own domain name, obtaining a web hosting account, and installing WordPress on your account using one-click software installation.

Any commercial web hosting provider can set you up with everything that you need. I’ve used many over the years but there are two that I recommend most.

If you want quality web hosting and excellent customer support with a great price for new customers, I recommend SiteGround.

The other web hosting company I recommend is WPX Hosting (what I currently use). They are one of the fastest web hosting providers and their customer support is crazy fast too.

Both of these hosting providers offer domain registration as well as one-click WordPress installation.

Step-by-Step Website Help

I know that even with web hosting providers making it simple for anyone to start their website, it can still feel overwhelming for many people.

In this case, I recommend following the same online training program that I followed when I got started.

When I started my niche website years ago, I had no problem getting my website up but I had no clue how to make money with it.

I purposely searched for an online training program and found this one. They take beginners step-by-step through the entire niche website creation process.

They have their own domain registration and web hosting too so beginners can follow the instruction and be up and running within a few clicks.

Besides that, the affiliate marketing training is what helps people succeed with making money with their blogs.

I attribute my success to implementing what I learned in the training. It would have taken me much longer if I had tried to learn what I know on my own.

Closing Thoughts On Travel Blog Niche Ideas

I hope these travel blog niche ideas have provided you with a good starting point for starting your own travel blog.

There are definitely a variety of sub-niches that you can explore within the travel niche.

Niche websites are how I am able to generate a consistent income online through affiliate marketing. It is how I got started and what I continue to do today.

If you are ready to level up your affiliate earnings, consider following the same step-by-step training I followed.

I use this same training platform to help others one-on-one with starting their own niche websites.

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