How to Make Money with a Rock Climbing Affiliate Program

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Do you have a passion for rock climbing or are wanting to get into this outdoor pastime? Not only can you enjoy this activity yourself, but you can also create a new stream of income by joining a rock climbing affiliate program.

You can make money with a rock climbing affiliate program by signing up as a new affiliate. Once approved, you will receive access to your affiliate links that you can place on a website, social media profiles, and more. When anyone clicks on your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale (your commission.)

I have been earning income online through affiliate programs for quite some time. I will share with you how I do this so that you can get started making money within the rock climbing niche.

How I Make $1,000 Commissions

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Getting Started With a Rock Climbing Affiliate Program

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The tried-and-true method that I use to make a consistent income online with affiliate programs is by creating niche websites. A niche website is a website that focuses on one topic.

These websites can also be referred to as niche blogs. The reason is that you will create content in the form of blog posts to attract free web traffic to your website.

Why Niche Websites Work So Well

There are many reasons why a niche website works extremely well for promoting affiliate products. When I got started, I didn’t have a big budget to start with so starting a website was my only option.

A niche website is low-cost to start. Since a niche website requires content to work, the only thing you invest is your time to write new posts.

You don’t have to spend any money on PPC (pay-per-click) ads or any other form of advertising. Instead, you rely on SEO (search engine optimization) for generating free web traffic.

Best of all, since your website is focusing on a specific niche, the traffic that your content brings in will be targeted. Meaning, your visitors are highly likely to buy what you are recommending.

Until I started a niche website, I struggled to make consistent income online. They take a bit of work in the beginning but they pay off in the long-term.

Another benefit to niche websites is that you don’t need any writing experience or technical experience to get started. As long as you are willing to stick with it and put in the effort, you can do it.

Selecting a Sub-Niche

When deciding on a niche for your website, you can definitely stay within the overall rock climbing niche. However, I find that sub-niching often works well for niche websites.

If I were to sub-niche, I would brainstorm some possible sub-niches within rock climbing. Some that are coming to mind include:

  • rock climbing for beginners
  • equipment reviews for rock climbing
  • fitness for rock climbers
  • rock climbing training equipment

Whichever way you go with your niche website, remember that you’ll be creating a lot of content. That means it is important that you like the topic and won’t mind writing about it on a regular basis.

You also have the option to outsource your writing to freelance writers. This will require a budget as the average cost per article can run you $30 and up.

I prefer to create my own content, at least in the beginning stages of creating a new niche website. As I develop more websites in the future, I’ll likely consider outsourcing content to other writers.

Do know that there is an audience that you will be able to target within this niche. If you are a beginner yourself, you can create a niche website from a beginner’s viewpoint.

Document your own experience with learning about rock climbing and promote various affiliate products in the process. Check out this beginner rock climbing video below for ideas:

Getting Your Website Up and Running

Whenever I create a new niche website, I always create it on a self-hosted WordPress website. All that means is that I register a new domain name for the website, order a web hosting account, and install WordPress using one-click installation.

If any or all of the above sound foreign to you, don’t worry. Almost any commercial web hosting provider will have everything that you need.

I host most of my websites with WPX Hosting for the speed and awesome customer service.

If you prefer to follow step-by-step training, I recommend following the same training program I used when I got started. They will take you from beginning to end with creating a niche website.

Rock Climbing Affiliate Programs

Now it is time to explore some of the rock climbing affiliate programs that are available to join. This is where the money is made. You’ll want to recommend different products within your blog content.

As visitors click on your affiliate links, a percentage of them will buy products from the merchant’s website. This is how you generate a steady income online.

You can apply for a rock climbing affiliate program below or find others online.

1. EpicTV

The EpicTV brand was created in Chamonix, France. They carry a large selection of outdoor gear and clothing. Their climbing equipment section has everything a climber would need from carabiners to ice axes.

The affiliate program appears to be managed in-house and offers a 7% commission and 30-day cookie length.

2. Gear Coop

This is a large online retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment. They carry plenty of climbing gear to include essentials like harnesses, helmets, ropes, and shoes.

The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and offers up to 11% commission with a 120-day cookie length.

3. Backcountry

This company was founded in 1996. They specialize in outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories. The climbing section carries gear for all types of climbing.

The affiliate program is managed by both Impact Radius or AvantLink. You can make between 4%-12% commission with a 30-day cookie length.

4. RIPT Skin Systems

The RIPT brand is a skincare company that specializes in hand care for athletes such as gymnasts, Cross Fit, strength trainers, and more. Many athletes develop rips and tears in their hands from weight training.

Their hand care products are made from 100% all natural ingredients and specifically designed to repair damaged skin fast. The affiliate program is managed through Refersion and offers a generous 30% commission with a 90-day cookie length.

My Niche Blogging Tips

Starting and maintaining a niche blog isn’t hard to do. What is challenging is being consistent. I do my best to write 1 to 2 new blog posts per week and that is the minimum.

Usually, I can write 3 to 4 new blog posts per week. If you are busy, 1 to 2 posts is completely doable. I managed to write that much while working a full-time job.

I also recommend doing keyword research before writing any of your posts. The way I do this is simply using Google Search and its autosuggest feature.

Begin typing in a keyword phrase related to your niche and get ideas that are generated by autosuggest:

google search example

Write helpful content for your readers. It may require a bit of research to do that. By being helpful, you’ll naturally write over 1,000 word posts.

Writing 1,000 word blog posts may sound intimidating at first, but it is actually easy to do. The more that you write, the better you will become.

When you are writing genuinely helpful content, you will exceed one thousand words easily.

Closing Thoughts On Making Money with a Rock Climbing Affiliate Program

Rock climbing is a great niche that has a large following. If you have a genuine interest in this niche, there is no reason that you cannot create an income online.

Niche websites are how I create a consistent income online with affiliate marketing. If you are ready to level up your income by creating an online asset, consider following the same step-by-step training program I used.

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