Can the Peng Joon Virtual Event Codex Help You Make More Money?

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Peng Joon knows how to make money online. He got his start online by selling information products. Since then, he has become a well-known speaker and online coach.

His Virtual Event Codex is an online event that will be held live for 3 days. The event will teach attendees how to use live virtual events to grow their businesses and increase their revenue.

The live event will be held on 19 – 21 of August in the U.S. and the 20 – 22 of August in the rest of the world. It is a paid event. However, attendees won’t be charged until after the event.

In order to attend, you will have to input your credit card information. If you felt you received value from the event, you do nothing and your card will be charged $197.

Otherwise, you can cancel on the last day and a special email address will be sent to you to complete the cancellation process. Seems fair. Although, it does feel like another marketing tactic to help reduce refunds.

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Who is Peng Joon?

I have never heard of Peng Joon until coming across his ad for his Virtual Event Codex. I’m always glad to learn about an online entrepreneur.

Peng Joon’s background is actually really cool. In college, he spent a lot of his time playing World of Warcraft. So much so that he was lucky to make it through his finals.

After graduating, he found himself in school debt and without any income. After landing a steady job, he decided to figure out a way to increase his income.

Fortunately, all of his World of Warcraft gaming came in handy. He wrote a 32-page guide about the game and sold it online for $7.

After making his first sale of the guide, he knew that making money online actually worked.

Peng continued to create information products and eventually had big success with another gaming guide called Farmville Secrets. This guide generated $1.8 million dollars in 8 months.

Today he helps others create their own information products based on their knowledge and life experiences.

What is the Virtual Event Codex?

This is an online event hosted by Peng Joon in which he will outline how to run virtual events for your own business.

The event will cover:

  • how to sell virtual tickets to your event
  • getting people to attend your virtual event
  • fulfilling your event (messaging, keeping people engaged, etc.)
  • executing the upsell
  • leveraging the event (getting testimonials, create a sizzle reel, etc.)

Peng states that he started doing live virtual events in order to pivot his business when the world shut down and travel was limited.

Up until that point, he was doing a lot of public speaking at different live events around the world.

Many businesses have had to make this shift and if you find yourself in this situation, learning how he does this is likely very useful.

The price of the event is $197. When you reach the checkout page, you’ll have two options.

You can pay immediately and receive a $50 discount. Or you can pay after the event with the option to cancel if you didn’t feel it was valuable. The after even price is the full $197.

Who is This Event For?

This event would be beneficial to anyone that wants to sell more of their product online, wants to earn income from virtual events, or both.

Unlike the common free webinar that a lot of internet marketers use to sell their products, you would host an actual live event online.

It is similar to a live in-person event in that you sell tickets upfront. If you don’t have a product yet, you may want to consider creating one to make the most out of any live virtual event that you run.

That is because you’ll want to upsell your product during the event to help boost your income.

If you don’t have a product to sell but plan on creating one, you may still benefit from the training.

Are Live Virtual Events Necessary?

Hosting these live events are not always necessary but they can be beneficial if you want to reach a larger audience.

You can also expand your reach through other method of content creation. For example, creating content on a blog is an excellent way to generate free targeted traffic.

Another great way to reach a larger audience is with a YouTube channel. Instagram is another good social media platform for attracting your niche audience.

The key is to create content often. By often, I would recommend several times per week.

Closing Thoughts

I don’t think what is offered with the Virtual Event Codex is a scam. Peng Joon is well-respected in the internet entrepreneur industry.

If you are a product creator or want to be, you’ll have to become skilled in online presentations. These live webinars are highly effective for selling products.

Also, if you already have a business and want to transition it online, you may benefit from the information in the event.

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