Can You Make Money as a Passive Affiliate System Affiliate? [Review]

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Many people are seeking a way to make money from YouTube by promoting affiliate products. In this Passive Affiliate System affiliate review, I will explain how you can make money recommending this system to this target niche.

The Passive Affiliate System is a training program created by Andy Hafell that teaches people how to make passive income on YouTube without having to make videos of their own. The training focuses on making money from promoting affiliate products.

Product Details:

Tired of not making sales? Learn how I went from zero to making consistent affiliate commissions. Click here to learn how I did it.

What is the Passive Affiliate System?

The Passive Affiliate system is a training program created by Andy Hafell that teaches people how to make passive income through YouTube.

This is accomplished by creating viral videos (without showing your face) and promoting affiliate products.

The program also teaches you how to reach 1,000 subscribers in the shortest amount of time.

The creator, Andy Hafell has his own popular YouTube channel with over 173K subscribers. His videos are on the topic of making passive income online.

The training program covers topics such as:

  • Choosing a niche (keyword research, finding products)
  • Setting up your YouTube channel (banner, logo, description, etc.)
  • Creating the actual videos (scripting and editing)
  • 1,000 subs snowball system (reaching 1,000 subscribers quickly)
  • Outsourcing (hiring other people to perform these tasks

All of the training is in video format. The training program is priced at $297 and can be accessed here.

Passive Affiliate System Affiliate Review

The affiliate program is managed by Clickbank so you must create an account with them if you haven’t done so already.

It offers a 50% commission on $297 with an average sale of $121.66. It doesn’t have a continuity program which means no recurring commissions. There are no upsells either.

By being on Clickbank, there is an automatic 60-day money-back guarantee. Commissions are paid via check or direct deposit and you can choose for payouts to be weekly or bi-weekly.

Is The Passive Affiliate System Worth Promoting?

I don’t doubt that this product is worth promoting. YouTubers are making money on the video platform from ads and affiliate marketing.

I make affiliate commissions from some of my YouTube videos as well. It is a great way for those new to affiliate marketing to make their first commission online.

Passive Affiliate System seems to teach an easier method of earning affiliate commissions on YouTube.

You don’t even have to be in the videos. It is not about building a brand and more about creating videos that gain a lot of views.

What you should understand is that making 1 or 2 videos using this method isn’t going to cut it. It will still require consistent content creation (meaning your videos).

Promoting Passive Affiliate System Yourself

You can become an affiliate of the Passive Affiliate System and begin promoting it yourself in a number of ways.

While you can create your own YouTube videos and promote it, I also recommend creating a niche website.

When I got my start with affiliate marketing, I created a niche website. At the time, it was the only way I knew would work for me as I didn’t have a budget for paid ads.

I searched for an online course that focused on niche blog creation and found this one. It helped me to progress much faster than if I had tried to learn everything on my own.

It took some time for my first niche website to generate web traffic but once it started, I began making consistent affiliate commissions.

Choosing a Niche

Just like choosing a niche for YouTube videos, you must also choose a niche for promoting Passive Affiliate System on a niche website.

Since it is about making commissions with affiliate marketing, your niche could easily be in that niche. However, you could also choose the niche of video marketing and being a YouTuber.

Almost everyone on YouTube wants to make more money from their videos. This program is a great one to recommend.

Creating Your Niche Website

I don’t recommend building your website on free website services. I create all of my niche websites on self-hosted WordPress websites.

All that means is registering your own domain name, getting a web hosting account, and installing WordPress on your account.

This allows you to retain 100% ownership of your website and your content. You can get everything that you need from most commercial web hosting providers.

I recommend WPX Hosting as I plan on moving all of my niche websites to that hosting provider. They have stellar reviews, are well-known for their customer service, and have been rated highly for fast hosting.

Writing Your Blog Posts

Your content is what gets indexed and ranked by the search engines. Without content, you will not receive web traffic. Good content will attract free targeted visitors to your website.

You do not need to be a great writer. Simply convey the information the way you would as if you were talking to a good friend.

That is the great thing about blogs. You can write in a casual tone which helps your readers to relate to you.

Personally, I do my best to write new blog posts 4 to 5 times per week. That is a lot for most people. However, I do recommend creating 1 to 2 new blog posts per week.

That is more than possible even with a busy schedule. That is about 2 hours per week for one good article.

Most people waste 2 hours sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Each new post that you create is another opportunity to attract new visitors which can translate into affiliate commissions.

Once your website starts getting traffic, it can start making money. Niche websites work well with affiliate marketing.

My Closing Thoughts On Becoming a Passive Affiliate System Affiliate

Is this program the end-all-be-all of making money on YouTube with affiliate marketing? Absolutely not. However, I think a lot of people can make commissions by implementing the training.

That being said, if you want to promote this product, you can definitely help out by letting people know about it and earn some nice commissions for yourself in the process.

My recommended method of promoting it is by creating a niche website in the area of video marketing or affiliate marketing.

You likely already have a genuine interest in both as you are an affiliate marketer yourself.

Niche websites are what I use to earn a consistent income online through affiliate marketing.

It is one of the best ways to earn affiliate commissions. I make commissions while I am sleeping, out grocery shopping, or relaxing with my loved ones.

Beginners may find it a bit challenging to get started. I did as well so I followed a step-by-step training program.

That training program made all of the difference for me and I use it today to help others one-on-one with creating and growing their own niche websites.

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