Can You Make Money as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate? [Review]

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Are you already a basic affiliate of Legendary Marketer or want to become one?

I understand if you are curious about making commissions with this company.

My goal in this Legendary Marketer affiliate review is to explain how it works and how much you can possibly make.

If you are already submerging yourself in the world of affiliate marketing then you have likely come across many internet marketers making a bulk of their earnings from Legendary Marketer.

Many affiliate marketers are enticed by Legendary Marketer’s high-ticket products. Promoting these products can result in high-ticket sales.

That being said, let’s jump into what the company is about, the products, and the affiliate program.

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The Legendary Marketer Company and Products

The company was founded by David Sharpe, a digital marketing expert who has founded three multi-million dollar companies. He was also a co-founder of the now defunct Empower Network.

Legendary Marketer is an online training program for online marketers and entrepreneurs. The program contains a couple of low-ticket products and several high-ticket products.

Marketing and Advertising Curriculum

Training for new and existing business owners that teaches how to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Legendary Marketer’s Club – $30/month

Referred to as the Netflix of marketing training on their website, members have access to education and resources to start, grow, and scale a business. They also get new classes and live virtual training workshops.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle – $247 (one time)

Training for using paid advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google ads. There is also training for generating traffic from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Business Blueprint Curriculum

These training courses are for new and existing business owners to create a new business or add a new stream of income.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2,500 (one time)

Training for how to start affiliate marketing such as getting set-up, finding products to promote, and making sales.

Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2,500 (one time)

This includes training for how to turn your knowledge or passion into a digital product. It teaches how to plan and deliver your product as well as how to obtain your first customer.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $2,500 (one time)

This program teaches coaches and consultants on how to identify their niche, create offers, and create a pitch. It also has training on how to deliver your services and scale your business.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – $2,500 (one time)

You’ll learn how to plan, host, and profit from your own live event or mastermind.

Live Mastermind Curriculum

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $8,000 (one time)

A live, in-person event that teaches cutting edge traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies from the world’s top online marketers.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind – $12,000 (one time)

A live in-person mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.

Funnel Service

Brand Builder – $10,000 (one time)

This program teaches how to build a brand and how to use a sales funnel to capture leads and generate sales.

Legendary Leadership Group – $30,000 (one time)

Strategic components Dave has personally developed after working with over 500,000 entrepreneurs for nearly a decade.

Making Commissions as a Legendary Marketer Affiliate

one dollar - legendary marketer affiliate

After reviewing the various products that Legendary Marketer carries and their price tags, it’s no wonder it is enticing for affiliates to promote.

How to Become a Legendary Marketer Affiliate

You can become a Basic affiliate or a Pro affiliate. A Basic affiliate can sign up for free and a Pro affiliate pays a fee of $29.95 per month.

There is a difference in commission structure depending on the type of affiliate you sign up as.

Basic affiliates can earn 5-30% commissions and Pro affiliates can earn 20-60% commissions.

Legendary Marketer’s Club$30.00 (per month)$18.00$9.00
Traffic Rolodex$247.00 (one time)$98.80$24.70
Affiliate Business Blueprint$2,500.00 (one time)$1,000.00$250.00
Digital Products Business Blueprint$2,500.00 (one time)$1,000.00$250.00
Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint$2,500.00 (one time)$1,000.00$250.00
Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint$2,500.00 (one time)$1,000.00$250.00
Marketer Mastermind$8,000.00 (one time)
Entrepreneur Mastermind$12,000.00 (one time)$4,800.00$1,200.00
Brand Builder$10,000.00 (one time)$2,000.00$500.00
Brand Builder and Masterminds Bundle$15,000.00 (one time)$4,000.00$1,000.00
Legendary Leadership Group$30,000.00 (one time)$10,000.00$2,500.00

As a Pro affiliate, you do get some additions that you do not get as a Basic affiliate such as:

  • Integration of your own autoresponder
  • Earn additional streams of income
  • Private traffic sources
  • Advanced affiliate training

Is Legendary Marketer Worth Promoting?

Due to the high commissions that are offered with their affiliate program, it is easy to say it is well worth promoting this company.

The amount of effort that it takes to promote a low-ticket product is the same as promoting a high-ticket product.

There are people that spend money on high-ticket products. If you check out some of the Legendary Marketer affiliates on YouTube that show their commissions, they are earning thousands of dollars per day.

I like high-ticket sales. Believe me, I’ve received commissions close to one thousand dollars and it is a great feeling.

What to Be Aware Of

Let’s be real about the price of the Legendary Marketer products. They are not on the affordable side. It’s not to say that they aren’t worth the price.

It is highly likely that even paying to be a Pro affiliate will come with pressure to buy into the higher-priced courses.

However, when it comes to the Affiliate Business Blueprint ($2,500), there are many affiliate training courses that are much less.

You’ll have to figure out if you can afford to spend that much on the course. Unfortunately, there are no free trials for any of the products.

Can You Sell Legendary Marketer Without Owning Any of the Products?

Yes, it is possible to promote any of their products without owning them but I don’t think you’ll have as many sales.

As an affiliate marketer, part of increasing conversions is about recommending products that you yourself have used and had experience with.

It is difficult to recommend something that you have no personal experience in using.

If you take note of some of the Legendary Marketer affiliates that are making commissions, they have actually bought one or more of the courses.

You can find YouTube videos in which some of these affiliates offer an inside look into the training platform.

They are building trust with their audience. People can tell when you are not being genuine about the products you are promoting so don’t waste time trying to fool them.

My Closing Thoughts On My Legendary Marketer Affiliate Review

Legendary Marketer has received both good and bad reviews. I don’t necessarily feel that what they offer is a scam but I believe there are better low-cost options out there to consider.

Besides that, regardless of which type of affiliate you sign up as, you will be sold to on their other products as a way to continue building your business.

From the little bit of research I’ve done online they do not force you to buy their products in order to earn commissions from them.

However, I’ve read that they do try to convince you that buying all of their products is essential in order to implement what is being taught.

Not only that, much of the training is revolved around promoting Legendary Marketer.

That being said, if you are interested in being a Legendary Marketer affiliate, it is probably worth doing so. Just be ready to spend money on their products because, at some point, you probably will.

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