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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn income online but it can also be confusing when you’re starting out. There are so many ways to do affiliate marketing. That’s what makes the Jonathan Montoya 72 Hour Challenge an ideal option for beginners.

The course sets you on the path to becoming a successful affiliate marketer using the same strategy Jonathan used to quit his 9-to-5 job. Following a proven plan shortens the learning curve and helps to avoid jumping from one strategy to another with little results.

What is the 72 Hour Challenge?

Have you been wanting to get started with affiliate marketing and become overwhelmed by the many ways to start? I’ve been there and when you are a beginner, it’s difficult to know which method will work for you.

That is what I like about the 72-Hour Challenge. It’s simple, straight forward, and it doesn’t cost much to get your own affiliate marketing business up and running.

Who wouldn’t want to have an online business launched in just 3 days? What you can expect from this challenge is step-by-step video training to help you choose a high-ticket affiliate offer, set up an automated system to do the selling and converting for you, and learn how to generate unlimited amounts of traffic without using paid ads.

You can finish the challenge in one day or take as much time as you need. When you buy the course, you have lifetime access to the videos.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

There are only a few super affiliates whom I follow and recommend to others who want to learn affiliate marketing and Jonathan Montoya is one of them.

It’s hard to know who to listen to and whose course is worth investing in. There are so many options out there! However, what I like about Jonathan is that he’s very active on social media.

He releases a new YouTube video several times a week, he posts quite frequently on both Instagram and in his Facebook group. When a course creator is that active, it also means that they are accessible, and that is one of the things I look for before I invest in them with both my time and money.

Jonathan Montoya Short Bio

Like many of us just starting out in the world of online income, Jonathan was frustrated with his job and wanted to find a way to work for himself.

He worked a 9-to-5 job as an electrical engineer and spent his free time trying a variety of ways to work for himself including MLMs, eCommerce, and more. It wasn’t until he discovered affiliate marketing that he found success.

Eventually, he found a mentor that helped him grow and since then, Jonathan has become a 7-figure online earner and has helped tens of thousands of his students to launch their own online businesses.

How the 72 Hour Challenge Works – Your Breakthrough into Affiliate Marketing

Once you register for the 72-Hour Challenge, you’ll have access to get started with creating your own online business with affiliate marketing.

The course is broken down into 3 days:

  • Day #1: The Freedom Road Map
  • Day #2: The Automated Sales System
    • Clickfunnels Automated Sales System
    • Automated Sales System
  • Day #3: Three Secret Traffic Methods for Fast Results

All 3 days teach you what you need to have your very own affiliate sales funnel up and ready to make profits.

Day 1 is exactly what you’d expect. Jonathan goes into detail about how he has built a successful and long-term online business with affiliate marketing. This is what you will learn how to do as well.

Day 2 gives you two options (which is awesome!) between setting up your business using Clickfunnels or The reason this is awesome is that Clickfunnels is a bit on the expensive side as far as sales funnel software.

Update: With the release of Funnel Freedom, you will not need to worry about settings, the development of your sales funnel, or any other tech stuff. The software creates your personal sales funnel site for you! In fact, Funnel Freedom will connect your affiliate links, add your picture, and social media information, and send out email messages on your behalf.

It is one of the best but the minimum monthly fee for the classic Clickfunnels software will be around $97 a month. Whereas, lets you start for free and lets you upgrade when you feel you need more features.

Day 3 is all about generating unlimited amounts of traffic without paying for ads. One of the methods is to use short-form content (short videos) that you can post on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Jonathan is a great instructor and the videos for setting up your sales funnel are step-by-step so no worries if you aren’t sure about the technical side of things.

Who is the 72 Hour Challenge Business For?

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing or have dabbled in it without any results, then Jonathan Montoya’s 72-Hour Challenge may be what you’re looking for.

The entire challenge is focused on creating a long-term income online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, low-cost, and beginner-friendly online business models there is.

What many people lack is guidance and a blueprint to follow. Otherwise, it is easy to jump around from one strategy to the next with little to no results.

I used to think that making an affiliate commission was impossible for me. It wasn’t until I found help and stuck with one method that I finally began to make steady commissions.

The 72-Hour Challenge is the type of guidance I wish were available when I got started. Thankfully, I discovered it when I became ready to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing.

How Much is the 72 Hour Challenge?

You may be surprised at how affordable the 72-Hour Challenge is. As of this writing, it is priced at $9. That can change of course so if you are interested, it’s a good idea to get it while it is at that low of a price.

In essence, the challenge is a low-ticket product in Jonathan’s overall sales funnel. Besides helping beginners launch their own sales funnel, it is also an introduction to Jonathan’s main course which is called Freedom Accelerator (formerly the Freedom Breakthrough course.)

Is the 72 Hour Challenge Legit?

There is always some underlying doubt as to whether online courses are worth your money. You may wonder if the course is a scam or simply not worth the time and money.

The 72-Hour Challenge is a legitimate training program that is catered towards beginners. By following the training and implementing what you’ve learned, it is possible to begin making steady affiliate commissions online.

Pros & Cons of the Affiliate Marketing Challenge

Although the 72-Hour Challenge is a short course, there are still pros and cons to consider.


Easy to Follow

A big pro with the challenge is that it is simple and easy to follow. It is designed to be completed in only 3 days. The step-by-step training is clear and easy to understand.

Both Free and Paid Funnel Options

I really like that Jonathan created his funnel so that you have the option to choose between a paid funnel software (Clickfunnels) and a free-to-start option (


The course is extremely affordable. For the same price as a small lunch or a large fancy coffee drink, you can get access to the challenge. That makes it low-risk for anyone who is hesitant about learning affiliate marketing.


No Ongoing Coaching

Since the course is an intro course and also because of its low price, there is no coaching available from Jonathan. However, there are weekly coaching calls with his full program (Freedom Accelerator.)


I don’t necessarily see upsells as a con but there are those who do. When you order the challenge, there will be upsells. However, I feel the upsells are good options to consider.

What to Do Next

The 72-Hour Challenge is a great way to learn affiliate marketing or to level up your skills if you are already making some commissions.

It’s affordable, simple, and easy to follow. Taking action on what is taught in the training makes it possible to begin making a steady income online.

Click here to access the 72-Hour Challenge and launch your online business.

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