Ready to Make Money with CannAffiliate? [Review]

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The cannabis and CBD industry is a fast-growing industry and affiliate marketers have the opportunity to make a steady income from it. In this CannAffiliate review, I am going to go into detail about what this affiliate network is all about.

CannAffiliate is an affiliate network in the cannabis and CBD niche. They have a variety of offers from dispensaries, cannabis, and CBD brands ranging from 10% to 30%.

If you are ready to get into the cannabis and CBD niche, this affiliate network may be what you’re looking for. They offer a $20 sign-up bonus as well.

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Can You Make Money with CannAffiliate?

cannaffiliate review - weighing cannabis

Cannabis and CBD products are extremely popular and growing in demand as more people are becoming aware of the potential health benefits.

Affiliate marketers have a great opportunity when getting into the cannabis & CBD niche. One of the reasons why is that these businesses cannot currently advertise on many of the major ad platforms.

This means that they are relying heavily on affiliate marketers to promote their businesses. Another plus is that many of these companies offer large commissions.

CannAffiliate makes it easy to find high-paying offers in this niche. They have affiliate offers from dispensaries, cannabis, and CBD brands.

Current CannAffiliate Offers

You can check the CannAffiliate offers page for all current offers. As of this writing, the offers available include:

  • Splitbud – $50 per referral
  • Dr. Dabber – 10%
  • Crescent Canna – 30%
  • Cani Brands – 25%
  • Noho CBD – 20%
  • Hearty Heroes – 20%
  • cbd 4u – 30%
  • mx sport – 30%
  • Asheville Hemp Project – 25%
  • Alter Native – 25%

As you can see from the offers above, many of them have generous commissions making them well worth promoting.

The CannAffiliate network pays commissions on the 15th of each month as long as your account balance is at least $50.

Signing up is easy. Fill out your account details and you will have a $20 bonus added to your account. They do ask how you plan to promote their offers and request that you list your websites and their monthly traffic.

Don’t let this deter you if you do not have a website. You can create a cannabis or CBD niche blog and post at least 5 to 10 quality blog posts before applying.

That should be enough to demonstrate that you are serious about promoting these types of offers and speed up the approval process.

Some affiliate networks approve immediately while others may have minimum requirements.

Either way, it is beneficial to create a niche website. It almost guarantees approval and it is an ideal way to generate a consistent income online with affiliate marketing.

How to Best Promote CannAffiliate Offers

I recommend a niche website to promote these offers. Niche websites are how I make a consistent monthly income online promoting affiliate products.

They are easy to create and low-cost to start. All that you need is a domain name, a web hosting account, and installing WordPress using one-click software.

Most commercial hosting providers have everything that you need to get started. I host most of my niche websites with WPX Hosting for their speed and excellent customer support.

However, if you are somewhat new to niche websites and need step-by-step help, I recommend following the same training program I used when I got started.

That program helps anyone to create a successful niche website and generate income from promoting affiliate products.

Choosing a Niche

Your overall niche will be the cannabis niche but it helps to sub-niche if you can. Meaning, maybe you could create a niche website about the health benefits of CBD oil.

Maybe you could write about how cannabis helps with specific issues like anxiety or chronic pain. Choosing a sub-niche helps as you will have less competition in the search results.

Creating Helpful Content

Niche websites work so well because of the content that you create. Every new blog post that you create should target a specific keyword phrase.

These keyword phrases are found by using keyword tools. Google search is a great tool. Start typing in a keyword phrase and it will autocomplete suggestions based on what people within your niche are actually searching for.

The key is to write helpful content for your niche audience. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to be an expert. As long as you can communicate what you need to say, that will work.

You may need to do a bit of research since the topic of cannabis will need to have some legitimate resources to back up what you’re writing about.

Keep in mind that your readers are looking for quality information. If you can help them out, the likelier they will be click on your affiliate links and buy what you are recommending.

Writing thin content doesn’t cut it today. Search engines like Google want to return the most relevant content to their users. Most of your blog posts should exceed 1,000 words naturally.

If you have the budget, you can also outsource your writing to a professional. I don’t recommend outsourcing when you’re first starting your blog as it is quite expensive.

Once your niche blog is generating an income, you can use some of its earnings to outsource the writing. This will alleviate a lot of the work if you are not particularly knowledgeable in the cannabis niche.

How Much Can You Make in the Cannabis & CBD Niche?

As an affiliate, you have unlimited earning potential. With hard work and consistent effort, I have no doubt that a brand new niche website could begin earning from $500 to well over $1,000 per month in a year’s time.

Many new niche websites begin receiving small amounts of traffic within 3 to 6 months. Once a website starts receiving traffic, it has the potential to make money.

This niche in particular is a highly lucrative one:

Global consumer spending on cannabis will reach $32B by 2022, according to BDS and Arcview Market Research, around 3x the current level.

It is not surprising that many affiliate marketers are exploring this niche and figuring out ways to tap into it.

This is why niche websites are worth creating. The content you create today can last for many years to come and bring in affiliate commissions month after month.

Niche websites don’t generate income quickly but they are great for the long term. They are a steady online business that require very little maintenance except for producing content on a regular basis.

My Closing Thoughts On This CannAffiliate Review

I hope this CannAffiliate review has opened you up to some great cannabis and CBD affiliate programs. Many of them have very good commission rates.

Joining an affiliate network makes it easy to track all of your commissions and you have greater peace of mind that your commissions will be paid out on time every month.

If you want to level up your affiliate earnings, you may want to consider creating a niche website. Niche websites are how I am able to make a consistent income online with affiliate marketing.

I got started by following a step-by-step training program. That training program is what helped me to go from zero to making consistent affiliate commissions.

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