Can You Make Money Doing Mukbang?

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Are you wondering if you can make money doing mukbang? There are all kinds of strange ways that people are able to make money online. This is particularly true with YouTube and the mukbang trend.

First things first, let’s define what mukbang is:

What is Mukbang?

The word mukbang is made up of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast”. Therefore, it is a broadcast of someone eating.

The trend started in the early 2000s in South Korea when Korean TV variety shows followed people around as they ate.

Today, mukbang YouTubers record themselves eating a variety of food. Some will consume large quantities of food and others will do live videos and interact with their viewers.

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Who Watches Mukbang?

People that choose to view mukbang often do so for the pleasure of watching someone eat delicious food.

Some viewers watch to gain pleasure from watching someone else eat food they are restricted from eating due to dieting.

Others also get satisfaction from ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) in which some people gain pleasure from daily life sounds such as whispering, cooking, eating crunchy food, and so on.

Some mukbang videos are ASMR related because the person in the video cooks their food as well as eating it. Therefore there are a lot of sounds and textures involved.

How Can You Make Money Doing Mukbang?

fried food

You probably already have everything that you need to begin making money from mukbang. Let’s talk about equipment.

You will need your own YouTube channel which is easy enough to set up. If you already have a Gmail account, then you can start posting videos on YouTube.

If you have a smartphone then you can use it to record your videos. You’ll likely need a smartphone tripod and a good microphone to pick up sound.

Are You Prepared to Mukbang?

There some things you’ll need to consider before you attempt to make money with mukbang.

Are You Comfortable Being On Video?

Many mukbang YouTubers record their videos and post them later. Some may do live streaming as well. You will need to be comfortable being on camera.

Not only will you be eating but you will need to be okay with speaking to your audience in a lively manner. Hundreds, maybe thousands, and possibly millions of people may view your videos.

If you are camera shy, this may not be for you. It takes practice to get comfortable in front of a camera.

Your first few videos may not be the best but as time goes on, you will get better.

Can You Eat a Wide Variety of Food and in Large Quantities?

The more variety of food you eat the more entertaining it will be for your viewers. Besides that, you will need to eat quite a bit of food in one sitting.

People that view mukbang videos are expecting you to eat a lot of different food in one sitting. Personally, I get full fairly quickly.

Even if I had a huge appetite, there is no way that I could consume as much food as some mukbang vloggers can. Prepare yourself to eat a lot.

I think you can possibly get away with eating one specific meal as long as you are doing something else in your video such as cooking that meal before you eat it.

Entertain Your Viewers

It may sound easy to make money doing mukbang but there is more to it than simply sitting down and chowing down on a lot of food.

You will also need to entertain your audience by commenting on how delicious the food is. The more sound you can make while eating the better.

Also, showing your viewers close up of your food so that they can get a better idea about the texture and how delicious it all is helps too.

Earning Income From Your Videos

This really depends on the platform that you are using to post your videos. YouTube is likely one of the most popular platforms.

It isn’t easy to start earning income with YouTube right away. You’ll need to build a following and gain a lot of views on your videos.

Before YouTube will approve your account for monetization you will need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past twelve months.

Once your account is approved, you can begin earning revenue from the ads shown before and during your videos.

Your viewers will need to watch at least 30 seconds of ads or click on ads in order for you to make money

If you gain a large enough of a following, sponsorships may come into play. Advertisers may contact you directly to mention their products for a fee.

Mukbang Tips

Here are some tips that I could find during my research on this topic. There are more and more mukbang YouTube channels popping up so if you are wanting to start your own, it will help to make yourself stand out.

Use a Good Video Camera

A smartphone can work and can get you by but if you want to take mukbang seriously, it will help to have a high-quality video camera to record your videos.

Find The Perfect Angle

It is important that the food be the star of the show. Make sure that you place your food at a good angle so that your viewers can take in everything that you’re eating.

Eat a Wide Variety of Food

The more food, the better. Expand your pallet and eat things that you know others would like to try. The more delicious food that you’re eating, the more viewers you can attract.

Add Your Personality

No one wants to watch someone that doesn’t have a great personality. It’s always best to be yourself but make sure that you have fun with your audience.

Let them know that the food is delicious and that you’re having a good time. You can talk about each item that you’re eating. Why you chose it, where you got it, and where it originates from.

My Closing Thoughts On Making Money Doing Mukbang

Earning income with mukbang can be a fun endeavor if you are a foodie and can eat large quantities in one sitting.

It requires you to have a great on-screen personality as well as the funds to buy video equipment as well as a wide variety of food on a regular basis.

Once you build a following, it should be a matter of time before you can begin earning from your YouTube channel.

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