How I Manage Multiple Niche Blogs as an Affiliate Marketer

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I started off with one niche blog as an affiliate marketer. It began after a job layoff. I used to be a web designer/developer and after three years on the job, the entire web team was let go.

Rather than go back to another web job sitting in a cubicle, I decided to pursue my dream to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

In the meantime, I had to find another job and settled on a full-time retail job. At the same time that I started that retail job, I also created a blog.

I had no idea how to make consistent income with a blog but that one blog changed the trajectory of my online business.

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My First Niche Blog

I started my first niche blog in 2016 after a job layoff. It was my goal to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

The experience of a job layoff was enough for me to say no more to the 9 to 5.

For years my plan was to pursue affiliate marketing but the steady paycheck from a job made me complacent.

Instead of getting another web designer job, I decided to focus on my dream. I still had to make ends meet and ended up taking a full-time retail job.

During my off time which was before a shift, after a shift, and on my days off, I dedicated my time to writing on my blog.

After about a year and a half, my blog was earning enough income that I was able to transition out of that retail job to work on my blog full-time.

When I got started, I didn’t understand how to earn income with a blog. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure it all out on my own.

Instead of wasting a lot of time, I searched for an online training program and found this one.

Following the training and putting into action what I learned is what helped me to build a successful niche blog.

Why You Only Need One Niche Blog

Although I actively manage four blogs right now, you don’t need to do the same in order to make money online.

You only need one blog. I started with one blog and once I understood the process of earning income with affiliate marketing, I moved on and made additional blogs.

One blog can generate an unlimited amount of income when you learn the skills and put in the effort to maintain it on a consistent basis.

There are many niche bloggers that have five-figure incomes from one website.

As you gain experience and knowledge, you can create as many niche blogs as you want.

Keep in mind that one blog can take up a bulk of your time, especially as a beginner. It took me a couple of years before I moved on to creating a second website.

My Schedule and Workflow

Managing just one blog is a lot for one person so managing four can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, I have my workflow down enough that creating content across all of my blogs is easy for me.

First off, I don’t follow a strict schedule. I’ve tried over the years and it doesn’t work for me.

I know that a lot of bloggers create content calendars and to-do lists. No matter what software I used to stay organized, I would quit using it after a week.

Structured schedules feel too stifling to me. When I worked at very web agencies, due dates and deadlines were awful.

They would cause unnecessary stress for me and the entire team I worked with.

One of the best benefits of affiliate marketing is having control of your time. I like to write when I feel relaxed.

Blogging is fun for me and I want to keep it that way. If I create a strict schedule, it will feel too much like a j.o.b.

How I Write for Each of My Blogs

Right now, I am actively writing for four different niche blogs. The way I help ensure that they each get a new piece of content each week is by writing one blog post a day for a specific blog.

Here is how a typical week of writing may go:

  • Monday – Blog 1
  • Tuesday – Blog 2
  • Wednesday – Blog 3
  • Thursday – Blog 4

If I feel the inspiration to write for one particular blog more than the other, I will do that.

I always do keyword phrase research before writing a post. No fancy keyword tools needed (unless you want to use them.)

Google Search is enough to get some really good blog post ideas. I type in a keyword and use the autosuggest results that are returned for ideas.

I do my best to write as helpful a blog post as I can and by doing so, my posts are typically well over 1,000 words.

When to Launch More Than One Blog

As I mentioned earlier, you only need one blog to get started with affiliate marketing and to generate a consistent income online.

I recommend creating one niche blog and grow it to earning an income. You will learn A LOT through this process.

Give your first niche blog at least a year to start earning. You will gain skills and experience over this time.

When you feel ready to start another niche blog, it will be a much smoother process.

Why Choosing a Niche You Like is Key

I find that it is easy to manage multiple blogs when you truly enjoy the niches that you choose.

The four blogs that I am writing for are all in niches that I have a genuine interest in.

You do not have to be an expert in any niche that you choose to create a blog in.

However, it will be a great help if you are interested and willing to learn more about the niche.

I’ve read varying opinions about choosing a niche for a blog. Some say to choose a niche that is going to be profitable.

Or it’s not about choosing a niche you like but more about creating content and getting backlinks.

If you are the only one creating the content, I do not understand how you can consistently write on a topic you care nothing about.

I’ve tried in the past and those blogs always failed. You can of course choose any niche you want for any reason you want.

It is my opinion that if you want to enjoy the content that you create, it helps to like the niches that you choose.

Closing Thoughts

Creating a niche blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of generating an income stream online.

I’m confident enough with my skills now that when I create a new niche blog, I know that it will earn income.

If you are ready to get started with your own niche blog and really level up your affiliate commissions, consider following the same step-by-step training program I followed.

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