Glucofort Affiliate Program Review

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The Clickbank affiliate network carries several herbal supplement products for promotion. Glucofort is one of these products.

Glucofort is an herbal supplement that is designed to support blood sugar levels in the body. It is made up of a concentrated formula full of natural antioxidants. The average affiliate commission is around $145.

Promoting this product could lead to some serious affiliate commissions. I’ll go into more detail about what this product is and one of the best ways to promote it.

Why this is the best online business to start for beginners.

Product Website:
Price:$69 per bottle
Average Commission:$145.24

What is Glucofort?

This product specializes in supporting blood sugar levels using natural ingredients that are full of antioxidants.

Glucofort offers blood sugar support, improved blood circulation, and increased energy and vitality.

Other benefits include being antibiotic-free, gluten-free, and it is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. There is also no animal testing.

The product is also used for detoxifying the body. It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day with your evening meal with half a glass of water.

How Much is Glucofort?

Glucofort is priced at $69 per bottle for a 30-day supply. You save more money when you buy more bottles. Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

1 bottle (30-day supply)$69
3 bottles (90-day supply)$177
6 bottles (180-day supply)$294

A 90-day supply brings the price down to $59 per bottle. A 180-day supply brings the bottles down to $49 per bottle.

The company ships out using FedEx or UPS. If you live within the United States, you can expect to receive your order within 5 – 7 days. International orders take between 8 – 15 days.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product, even if the bottle is empty, within 60-days of purchase and receive a full no-questions-asked refund.

How to Best Promote Glucofort as an Affiliate

Making commissions from promoting Glucofort is a matter of receiving traffic from a target audience.

When you have a system in place to receive traffic, you can send that traffic to your website or landing page in order to promote the product and make sales.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a niche website. It is how I got started as an affiliate and it is still the way I make money online.

Initially, I had no idea how to earn a steady income online using a niche website. I decided to find an online training program and found this one.

It made all of the difference for me. By applying everything that I learned within the training, I was able to transition into working on my website full-time.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is essentially a blog. The purpose of a niche website is to create content for a specific niche audience.

In the case of Glucofort, you could create a website that addresses the questions and concerns of those who are most likely to buy the product.

Since the purpose of the product is to help support blood sugar levels as well as detoxify and increase energy, you have some good niches that you could target.

Here are some ideas:

  • Health-conscious individuals
  • Seniors with health concerns
  • Athletes
  • Women in their 30s, 40s, 50s
  • Men in their 30s, 40s, 50s

Niche websites are excellent for promoting affiliate products for several reasons. Here are some of my favorite:

  • They are low-cost to start
  • Easy to launch
  • Low-maintenance
  • Free targeted traffic
  • No experience necessary

All that you need to launch a niche website are:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress installed on your hosting account

Most web hosting companies can set you up with everything that you need.

Creating Content for Your Niche Website

Figuring out what to write for your website is not difficult at all. You have everything that you need by opening up Google Search.

Google has an autosuggest feature so when you type in a keyword phrase related to your target audience, it will show you the keyword phrases that people search for.

You can take these ideas and create some great blog posts that will attract your target audience.

Over time, the search engines such as Google and Bing will index and rank your content.

Making Money with Your Website

Once your website begins receiving web traffic, it has the ability to make money online. You can accomplish this by placing your Glucofort affiliate link within your content.

I also recommend creating a product review page and linking to that as well. Product reviews can convert really well as many people search for reviews before buying.

Whenever you write a blog post and want to recommend Glucofort or another affiliate product, link to your product review page.

I’ve had many sales thanks to these types of pages. The key will really be all about the content that you write.

Without traffic, your niche website won’t be able to make money. Therefore, create as much content as you can on a regular basis.

My recommendation is to write between 1 – 2 new articles per week. That is completely doable even with a busy schedule.

I had a full-time job when I started my first niche website and was able to write between 3 – 4 new blog posts per week.

Niche websites are convenient so you can write when you have the time. It is simply a matter of taking the time to do so.

How Much Can You Make with Glucofort?

Affiliate sales have the potential to be very lucrative. Glucofort has an average affiliate commission of $145.

That means you would only need to sell around 7 bottles in order to make $1,000 in affiliate commissions per month.

Once your niche website is receiving steady traffic online, selling 7 bottles is an easy process.

Keep in mind that getting traffic to a niche website takes time. You won’t be raking in the commissions overnight.

There is no definite answer as to when your website will begin receiving traffic and making money.

I can share my own personal experience when creating a brand new niche website. If I am consistent with content creation, a brand new website tends to take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to start receiving a steady flow of traffic.

It won’t be a whole lot of traffic but even small amounts of traffic can make money for you.

Summing Up

Glucofort is a good herbal supplement to consider promoting as an affiliate. The niche is in demand as many people are searching for ways to help support their blood sugar.

I highly recommend creating a niche website for promoting this product. It is a great way for beginners to get started and it is a long-term online business model.

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