Done for You Funnels: Speed Up Your Affiliate Income

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Is the technical side of affiliate marketing slowing your progress? Done for you funnels may help. Not only with eliminating most of the technical hassle but also with making commissions.

Done for you funnels are sales funnels that you can either clone using sales funnel software or have one built for you. In some cases, a DFY funnel has already been proven to work by the funnel creator. This saves you time and may help you to begin earning affiliate commissions faster.

What is a DFY Funnel?

A DFY funnel is a done-for-you funnel that is built using sales funnel software. You can easily clone a funnel by importing a copy of it into the same sales funnel software used to create it.

In essence, done for you funnels help you to have a done for you business as well. Another option is to have a funnel built for you by giving someone access to your sales funnel software account in order to build out your funnel pages.

What’s beneficial about DFY funnels is that they are usually proven to work already. The funnel creator may be a successful affiliate marketer and will let you clone their sales funnel.

They may charge a nominal fee for a copy of their funnel or they may give away their funnel as part of a package such as an online course that you buy.

an affiliate marketer using done for you funnels

The Benefits of Done for You Funnels

There are two main benefits of done for you funnels. The first is not having to spend time learning the technical side of setting one up. Whether you dislike the tech side of it or you struggle with how it works, cloning a funnel makes it a breeze.

The second benefit is that you’ll likely make sales faster because the copywriting has been done for you. You can customize the copy on the landing page as well as the autoresponder emails (more on that below.)

Many beginners of affiliate marketing struggle with the flow of a sales funnel as well as what to write for their funnel email messages.

Remember, the purpose of a sales funnel is to automate the selling and converting of the product you are recommending.

It does this by collecting visitor contact info such as a first name and email address (your landing page), warming up your subscribers to the product you’re promoting (a bridge page), and then sending your subscribers to the product sales page with a call-to-action (a link or a button.)

The flow of a sales funnel looks like this:

high ticket sales funnel

Done for You Funnels Examples

A great example of a done for you funnel is Funnel Freedom. This is a DFY funnel software created by super affiliate and online business coach, Jonathan Montoya.

Funnel Freedom DFY sales funnel

What’s great about this sales funnel software is that it alleviates all the hassle of launching an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

When you sign up, you input your name, social media profile links, and affiliate links (specific ones for the funnel), and the software does the rest.

You get a funnel with a free lead magnet as well as 365 days of email marketing messages that contain your affiliate links. These email messages are sent out automatically on a set schedule.

It’s a complete done for you sales funnel. As you learn more about using a sales funnel, you can customize it as you want or create a new funnel for another product that you want to promote.

funnel freedom dashboard

There are tons of features within Funnel Freedom and you can test it out by taking advantage of the 14-day free trial.

Other Sales Funnel Software I’ve Used

I’m always testing software so I’ve used some of the more popular sales funnel software on the market. Here are three other popular funnel software I’ve used in the past:


This has to be the most popular of them all. Clickfunnels is used by many successful online business owners including affiliate marketers. It is easy to use and many done for you funnels are built on this platform.

What attracted me to was the price. It is the most affordable sales funnel software I’ve come across. It has all of the features needed to build a funnel and you can also clone funnels using this software.


I enjoyed using Kartra. It has a ton of features and is at a slightly lower price point than Clickfunnels. You can also clone funnels using Kartra. I found it to be user-friendly and they have a great affiliate program.

Done for You Funnels Bundled with Online Courses

Some of the most popular done for you funnels can be found bundled with an online course. These DFY funnels are often in the make money online (MMO) niche.

What’s great about these bundled funnels is that you get a funnel that has been proven to make money by the funnel creator.

You also get their training which will guide you with how to make money with the funnel. You don’t necessarily have to promote the coaching course that you bought. It’s up to you to choose what you want to promote.

A good option that includes a done for you funnel, training course, and weekly coaching calls with the funnel creator is the Freedom Accelerator course by Jonathan Montoya.

Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya

Cons of Done for You Funnels

While we’ve discussed the benefits of done for you funnels, you may be wondering what some of the cons are. Even though a big benefit to a DFY funnel is not having to deal with the technical stuff, it is also a con.

It’s a good idea to learn how a sales funnel works, including the software it is built on. Then you’ll have the ability to make changes or create new funnels anytime you want without asking for help.

It’s always helpful to start with a done for you funnel if you are finding it difficult to get started. However, as you use the funnel, learn the skills to create one from scratch including copywriting.


I think done for you funnels are a big benefit for beginner affiliate marketers. It makes launching an online business quick and easy. I recommend learning how to generate traffic as well.

Without web traffic, your funnel won’t be as much use to you. This is where an online course may help you out. A good course will teach you how to generate organic traffic.

Overall, DFY funnels are great. Today, anyone can get up and running quickly with an online business.

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