7 Debt Relief Affiliate Programs To Assist and Earn

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Promoting debt relief affiliate programs not only earns you commissions, but it also enables you to help others get the assistance they need to manage their debt.

I completely understand how it feels to be buried under consumer debt. Consumer debt can be the cause of great stress in someone’s life.

People are in debt for various reasons. Sometimes we may fall upon hard times due to a job loss or health issues. Medical bills and loans can make up someone’s total debt.

No matter what, our bills have to be paid. When you can’t pay them, the increasing debt adds stress which affects all areas of someone’s life.

Hopefully, some of these debt relief affiliate programs may be what you’re looking for as an affiliate marketer.

Debt Relief Affiliate Programs

  1. National Debt Relief
  2. CuraDebt
  3. Accredited Debt Relief
  4. Guardian Debt Relief
  5. Golden Financial Services
  6. American Debt Enders
  7. Oak View Law Group

How I Make $1,000 Commissions

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1. National Debt Relief

national debt relief homepage
  • URL: https://www.nationaldebtrelief.com
  • Commission: $27.50 per qualified quote request, $41 per qualified phone call, 12% override on commissions of affiliate you refer
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

National Debt Relief was founded in 2008 and is one of the largest and most reputable debt settlement companies in the country. They specialize in debt settlement and have helped negotiate settlements for thousands of creditor and collection accounts.

Their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. They offer three types of commissions. One for qualified quote requests, another for qualified phone calls, and lastly one for any affiliates that you refer.

2. CuraDebt

curadebt home page
  • URL: https://www.curadebt.com
  • Commission: $350-$500 per confirmed enrollment, $25 per debt lead, $40-$50 per debt relief call, $35 per tax lead, $55-$75 per IRS or state tax debt relief call, 10% affiliate referrals
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

CuraDebt was founded in 2000. This company specializes in debt relief and tax debt relief issues. They offer free debt consultation and also have a number of awards and certifications.

Their affiliate program offers a variety of ways to earn commissions. You can choose between confirmed enrollment, web leads, phone calls, and affiliate referral commissions.

3. Accredited Debt Relief

accredited debt relief home page

Accredited Debt Relief has over 20 years of experience in the debt relief and financial services industries. They have several awards and accreditations. They offer a free consultation and free savings estimate. They have no upfront fees or obligations.

Like similar debt relief services affiliate programs, this company offers a variety of ways to earn commissions. Their affiliate page didn’t state the rates but are likely comparable to their competitors.

4. Guardian Debt Relief

guardian debt relief home page
  • URL: https://www.guardiandebtrelief.com
  • Commission: $32 per qualified lead, $45 per qualified phone call, $325 per closed deal, 15% affiliate referrals
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

Guardian Debt Relief specializes in debt negotiation for unsecured debt and loans. They are a trusted BBB and AFCC certified company. There are no upfront fees and they offer a free consultation.

Their affiliate program offers pay per lead, pay per phone call, pay per deal, and affiliate referral commissions. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale.

5. Golden Financial Services

golden financial services home page
  • URL: https://goldenfs.org
  • Commission: $29.99 per qualified debt lead, $29 per qualified debt relief phone call, $101 per sale
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

Golden Financial Services was founded in 2004 and was one of the first debt settlement companies in the nation. They offer services such as debt settlement and student loan relief programs. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with no BBB customer complaints.

Their affiliate program consists of pay per lead, pay per call, and pay per sale.

6. American Debt Enders

american debt enders home page
  • URL: https://americandebtenders.com
  • Commission: $10 per qualified lead (any program), $125 debt settlement enrollment, $50 debt management enrollment, $125 student loan enrollment, $125 private student loan program enrollment, $100 for Chapter 7 enrollment, $20 payday loan enrollment
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

American Debt Enders has been in business since 2006. It was founded by Steven Ciantro. The company offers services in non-profit debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit restoration, and free telephone bankruptcy counseling.

The affiliate program offers a number of commission options to include per per lead and pay per enrollment. The affiliate program is managed by Market Thrive.

7. Oak View Law Group

oak view law group home page
  • URL: https://www.ovlg.com
  • Commission: $35 per qualified lead, $120 per client acquisition, $120-$500 per sale model
  • Cookie Length: not disclosed

The Oak View Law Group offers debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, bankruptcy services, and more. The law group was established in 2007. They enable visitors to search for attorneys in their area.

Their service accepts leads from all U.S. states except Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

How To Drive Traffic To Debt Relief Affiliate Programs

If you haven’t noticed, debt relief affiliate programs are some of the most lucrative affiliate programs around.

Driving traffic to your affiliate links is essential to you earning commissions.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to affiliate programs is by creating an affiliate marketing website or niche website related to the topic of personal debt.

You can create a website with articles that help people on various topics about debt relief. Within the content, you can link to the various debt relief affiliate programs that you’ve signed up with.

Niche websites are excellent for a long-term affiliate marketing strategy. The key to a successful niche website involves consistent content creation.

Your content is what will attract targeted visitors to your website. These visitors will click on your affiliate links and a percentage of them will convert into sales, thus earning you commissions.

Target Audience for Debt Relief

There are many types of people that are in need of debt relief services. You can create content that helps people understand the process of debt relief, debt management, debt consolidation, and more.

Here are some target keywords for people and situations that need debt relief:

  • veterans/military
  • seniors
  • college students
  • bad credit
  • payday loans
  • teachers
  • firefighters
  • farmers
  • medical bills
  • nurses
  • single moms
  • gamblers
  • homeowners
  • low-income
  • small business owners

My Closing Thoughts On Debt Relief Affiliate Programs

I think that creating a niche website related to relieving debt is a long-term marketing strategy to earn affiliate commissions.

The kind of content that you create will be essential to driving targeted traffic to your website.

Managing an affiliate marketing website requires learning some new skills. I had to learn several new skills such as SEO, keyword research, and writing for conversions.

I have managed to generate a consistent monthly income online using a step-by-step affiliate marketing training program.

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