5 Crypto Affiliate Programs for the eCurrency Niche

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Are you into cryptocurrency and want to start earning commissions by sharing your interest with other people also interested in this niche? When you become an affiliate of various crypto affiliate programs, you have the opportunity to earn steady income online by recommending these products.

eCurrency is widely popular from expert investors to novices. There are many eCurrency services that make investing easier and many of them have affiliate programs. Below I cover some of these awesome affiliate programs.

Be sure to read to the end as I also share my number one recommended method for earning steady commissions using one website.

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Crypto Affiliate Programs

Paxful50% escrow fee
Bitcoin IRAup to $75
CryptoView$20 per subscription


This service lets investors buy and sell digital currencies using over 350 different payment methods. I imagine this is a helpful service as it is probably frustrating for some people to buy cryptocurrency as they are limited in how to pay for it.

The Paxful affiliate program offers 50% of your referrals escrow fee. If you are targeting this niche, you’re likely to get some great conversions offering this service to your audience.


Some investors like automation and Cryptohopper offers that as an automated crypto trading bot. This service provides fast automated trading, and portfolio management for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptohopper affiliate program offers between 10% and 15% commissions. I would definitely include this service in my affiliate marketing campaigns. You never know what your niche audience is interested in and many beginner traders may like the idea of automated trading.


This service offers an easy way to calculate your bitcoin and crypto taxes. This is probably an in-demand service that many eCurrency investors do not know exist.

The Coinpanda affiliate program offers between 20% and 40% commissions. I would think that this product would convert really well if you highlight the benefits of using it to your niche audience.

Bitcoin IRA

Here is another cool way to invest in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin IRA lets you invest in cryptocurrency using your IRA. Users can buy and sell 24/7 online or using the mobile app.

The Bitcoin IRA affiliate program offers up to $75 per referral. This service is beneficial to promote because it offers another way for investors to buy cryptocurrency. You can target a niche that focuses on investment opportunities such as IRAs, mutual funds, etc.


A cryptocurrency portfolio manager and multi-exchange trading platform is what is offered by CryptoView. It offers a lot of features and helps users keep track of their trades.

The CryptoView affiliate program offers $20 per subscription. This type of software is always in demand by cryptocurrency investors. You can bet if you target this niche, you’ll get some good conversions with this service.

Making Money with These Crypto Affiliate Programs

Making steady income from these affiliate programs or any other affiliate program is a matter of using a strategy that brings you targeted web traffic.

My favorite strategy is creating a niche website. In this case, I would create a website that focuses on cryptocurrency information.

You don’t have to be an expert in this topic to create a website about it. When I don’t know much about a topic, I create content for my website that is written from a beginner’s standpoint.

When I got started with my first niche website, I didn’t know how to earn income with it. I searched for an online training program and fortunately, I found one that taught me what I needed.

The reason why an affiliate niche website works extremely well is because of the content that you’ll create for it.

Content is another word for blog posts or articles. In order to get free targeted traffic, you would create content for people that helps solve their issues or answer their questions.

Over time, the content that you write will be indexed and ranked in the search results like Google and Bing.

How an Affiliate Niche Website Works

The key to making an affiliate niche website work is by posting new content to it on a regular basis. My recommendation is at least 1 to 2 new posts per week.

I think of each of my blog posts as individual sales people that work for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week bringing me new targeted visitors.

If I write a new blog post today, it will rank well within 3 to 6 months. So imagine if I write a new post once or twice per week? Over time, all of that content I’ve written will start ranking and bringing me free traffic.

That is how a niche website works. It is low-cost to start, low-maintenance, and can earn you affiliate commissions for years to come.

How to Boost Conversions

The best way to help boost conversions on your niche website is by writing product reviews. If you are already buying and selling cryptocurrency, you are liking using software that may have an affiliate program.

You can write your own personal review of the product that you’re using. Place your affiliate links within your product review. Each time you want to recommend this product in your other blog posts, link to your product review.

Your product review page is also what’s called a “presell page.” That is because most people will be convinced to buy the product you’re recommending after reading your review.

Think about how often you look for product reviews before you buy a product. Why do you think product reviews are so popular on larger websites like Amazon?

Product reviews carry a lot of weight and writing your own will definitely boost conversions for any affiliate product you’re promoting.

Closing Thoughts

I hope these crypto affiliate programs were helpful for you if you are interested in this niche. There are many more out there to choose from but these should provide a good starting point.

My recommendation for promoting these products and services as an affiliate marketer is to create an affiliate niche website.

Niche websites work tremendously well for attracting targeted web visitors who are highly likely to buy the products that you recommend.

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