Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Program

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Have you heard of Jonathan Montoya’s high-ticket training program called Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and want to promote it as an affiliate? The Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program offers a high commission rate on a high-ticket product.

The Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program is the affiliate program for Jonathan Montoya’s online training course called Freedom Breakthrough.

You can become a Freedom Breakthrough affiliate by applying on the affiliate program page. There is no requirement to buy the course yourself. However, it would likely be helpful so that you can offer a genuine review.

If you are wondering how the affiliate program works, keep reading below as I provide more details as well as my own experience as a Freedom Breakthrough affiliate.

What is the Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Program?

This affiliate program is for the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course created by super affiliate, Jonathan Montoya. The course is based on the same strategies Jonathan has used in his own online business that freed him from his 9 to 5 job.

The Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program is open for anyone to apply. Unlike a lot of other high-ticket affiliate programs, you are not required to buy the course first to become an affiliate.

It is always helpful to have used a product yourself before promoting it as an affiliate. The way I ended up becoming an affiliate was when I bought Jonathan’s introductory course called The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

That is the product that I promote and it helps to generate leads that may be interested in the full Freedom Breakthrough course.

Since I bought the Jonathan Montoya 3 Day Challenge, I was able to familiarize myself with it and recommend it to others.

It is a good introduction to what to expect in the full course. Of course, there are many more topics covered and a lot more training videos with the full course.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

You may have come across Jonathan on his YouTube channel or on any number of his social media accounts. He is a full-time affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur.

Like many people, Jonathan was working a full-time job and wanted to start an online business so that he could work for himself and have more time with his family.

He began learning affiliate marketing, making mistakes, and of course, learning from them. His hard work paid off. He was able to quit his 9-to-5 job and go full-time working for himself.

Now Jonathan helps his students to learn how to do the same by following the strategies outlined in his Freedom Breakthrough online course.

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Program Commissions

As mentioned above, you do not need to buy Jonathan’s course in order to promote it as an affiliate. However, you may want to reconsider buying the course for two good reasons.

The first reason is that it is always beneficial to own the product that you’re promoting so that you can give your own in-depth review.

Besides that, in this case, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 can teach you how to make a steady income promoting any product you want (including Freedom Breakthrough.)

The second reason is that you get a higher commission rate when you’ve purchased the course. The default commission rate is 50%.

However, if you’ve purchased the full Freedom Breakthrough course, you are eligible to earn 75% commissions.

Therefore, if your goal is to promote this course, it may be a good idea to buy it first if you can afford to. The 75% commission rate is well worth it and you can apply what you learn in the course to promote the course itself.

The Different Products You Can Promote

Jonathan Montoya has two products that you can promote as an affiliate. The first one is his 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

This product teaches how to set up your own sales funnel to promote any affiliate products that you want.

It is broken down into three training videos, each representing one day. However, you can watch all of the training in one day if you want.

The second product is the full Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course. This course is much more in-depth than the 3-day challenge.

You can introduce people to Jonathan Montoya and his training when you promote the 3-day challenge.

How to Make Money Promoting Freedom Breakthrough

You have so many options as an affiliate marketer to promote affiliate products. It is no different from promoting Freedom Breakthrough.

The first thing you’ll need to narrow down is your niche. In this case, you’ll be targeting those who are interested in making money online.

People are searching for information on a daily basis on how to make extra money online as well as how to earn a full-time income online.

Once you’ve decided on the audience that you want to help, you’ll need to figure out your traffic sources.

I like to use free traffic sources. Running ads is an advanced strategy and can cost a lot of money when you’re starting out.

It is my recommendation to learn how to generate free traffic first before using paid methods.

The big three free traffic sources include:

  • A niche website
  • YouTube
  • Social Media

You can choose to focus on one or all three. It helps to focus on one traffic source first. Master one and then move on to the next.

The fastest traffic that worked for me as an affiliate was starting a niche website (a blog) and a YouTube channel.

Both traffic strategies require consistent content creation. You’ll need to write a new blog post at least a couple of times per week.

If you’re going to create a YouTube channel, you should create a new video at least once a week.

Buy and Follow the Training

Another option is to buy the Freedom Breakthrough course and use Jonathan’s strategies to promote the course.

That is exactly what many of his successful affiliates do. They apply what they’ve learned in the training to their own online business.

Not only that, when you can provide a genuine review of the course, it establishes trust with your niche audience.

It is much easier to promote a product that you’ve used yourself and it is a lot more fun.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is considered a high-ticket product. That means that it is priced high and in turn, you have the ability to earn a high commission.

Many affiliate marketers focus on promoting only high-ticket products. The reason is that it takes the same amount of effort to promote low-ticket products as it does high-ticket products.

Therefore, you can make a much higher commission for the same amount of effort. As an affiliate, your income can go from several hundred per month to several thousand by promoting high-ticket products.

Overall, I think Jonathan’s teaching style is great and many of his affiliates are earning thousands of dollars per month promoting his course.


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