9 Fun Subscription Box Affiliate Programs to Promote

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Subscription boxes make great gifts for ourselves or to gift to others. There are so many varieties of subscriptions to choose from. You can make money in this niche with the following subscription box affiliate programs.

A subscription box can consist of cool and interesting products based on the niche the subscription box falls under. You can find subscription boxes in the fitness industry, geek & gaming, home & garden, and even the CBD niche.

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs

  • Cratejoy
  • Cairn
  • Kawaii Box
  • Urbanebox
  • The Whisker Box
  • LootCrate
  • SugarlyBox
  • Gainz Box
  • Succulents Box

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1. Cratejoy

subscription box affiliate programs - cratejoy

Cratejoy is an awesome subscription box platform that lets you search for all types of subscription boxes for yourself or as gifts. You can also sell your own subscription boxes in their marketplace or using their software.

The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale and offers a 15% commission with a 30-day cookie length.

Why Cratejoy is Worth Promoting

This service is worth promoting as it makes it easy to find almost any kind of subscription box you can think of. Customers can also read reviews of subscription services before buying.

I think this is an overall good service to recommend if you are targeting the gift ideas niche. However, with the large number of categories offered, you can recommend this for almost any niche.

2. Cairn

cairn subscription box affiliate program

Cairn is a subscription box service for outdoor enthusiasts. There are two types of boxes to choose from. One is the monthly box that contains samples of various outdoor products.

The second is a quarterly box that contains premium products. The affiliate program is managed by both AvantLink and Impact. There is a $5 to $15 commission for each new subscriber.

There is also a 5% commission for each new gift order. The program has a 30-day cookie length.

Why Cairn is Worth Promoting

This is a great subscription box service to promote as it targets the outdoor niche. If you have a niche website that targets campers, hikers, or any other outdoor sport, this would be an ideal option for your audience.

3. Kawaii Box

kawaii box subscription box

Kawaii Box offers a subscription box service for fans of kawaii. It includes cute gift items, kawaii squishes, plushies, and more. Some of the cool items they ship include stationary, keychains & charms, bags & pouches, practical items, accessories, and Japanese candy.

The affiliate program is managed in-house and offers $5 per every new subscription.

Why Kawaii Box is Worth Promoting

This is an awesome subscription box service for a very particular niche. Kawaii has a large fan base so you may find easy conversions when targeting this niche.

4. Urbanebox

urbanebox subscription box service

Urbanebox is a subscription box service for fashion enthusiasts. You sign up for a subscription, a stylist curates your clothing based off of your style preferences, you communicate with your stylist via email, and you receive your box each month.

The affiliate program is managed through three affiliate networks to include AvantLink, ShareASale, and PepperJam. They offer $15 commissions and $25 commissions for super affiliates. There is a 45-day cookie length.

Why Urbanebox is Worth Promoting

This is a great service if you are targeting the fashion niche. They have subscriptions for both men and women. It enables anyone to have their own stylist for a fraction of the cost.

I can imagine a lot of conversions if you target the men’s grooming niche as clothing would fit in well with that niche.

5. The Whisker Box

whiskerbox subscription box affiliate program

The Whisker Box is a cat subscription box for cat lovers. I was personally excited to come across this service as we love our cat and like buying new treats and toys for her.

There are two subscription plans. One for $34.95 a month and one for $49.95 per month.

The affiliate program is managed in-house. Cookie length was not disclosed but there is a 10% commission.

Why The Whisker Box is Worth Promoting

The cat niche will always be popular and what better gift idea for your own household or for another cat lover than a cat subscription box.

Targeting this niche can make for good conversions especially by those seeking gifts for their cat lover friends and families.

6. LootCrate

lootcrate subscription box

LootCrate is an already popular subscription box service for the geek and gaming niche. The subscriptions include Pop Culture, Film & TV, Gaming, and Limited Edition crates.

The affiliate program is managed by Impact and offers $10 commissions per new subscriber. Cookie length was not disclosed.

Why LootCrate is Worth Promoting

If Comic Con doesn’t tune you into how large the geek and gaming community is, just know this is a large audience. LootCrate offers items anyone in this niche is sure to love.

Create a niche website covering any sub-niche of being a geek or gamer and you can likely expect a high number of conversions.

7. SugarlyBox

sugarlybox affiliate program

SugarlyBox doesn’t sell just any old candy. They offer subscription boxes that have CBD candy. The CBD industry is approaching a billion-dollars in growth.

There is no shortage of making money in the CBD niche. The affiliate program offers a 20% commission with a 90-day cookie length. It is managed by ShareASale.

Why SugarlyBox is Worth Promoting

This is a unique spin on a subscription box and besides that, it falls under the CBD niche which is already wildly popular. CBD products are in high-demand and targeting this niche can mean lucrative earnings for you.

A CBD candy subscription can mean easy conversions when promoting to this target audience.

Many CBD users like to supplement by eating candy infused with CBD. Now they won’t have to worry about running out with a monthly subscription.

8. Gainz Box

gainzbox affiliate program

Gainz Box is a subscription box for the fitness industry. For $32 per month, subscribers can receive a box filled with fitness apparel, supplements, equipment, gear, & more.

The affiliate program is managed by Impact and offers a 15% commission with a 30-day cookie length.

Why Gainz Box is Worth Promoting

I think fitness enthusiasts would gift themselves with this subscription and it is an awesome gift for anyone getting into fitness or already working out.

Promoting this would work for any niche website within the health & fitness niche.

9. Succulents Box

succulents box affiliate program

The Succulents Box offers 5 monthly subscription plans featuring more than 200 succulent varieties. They also sell gift boxes for special occasions.

The affiliate program is managed by Refersion and offers a 10% commission with a 30-day cookie length.

Why Succulents Box is Worth Promoting

This is actually an awesome gift idea for plant lovers. I ordered a subscription for a family member who loves plants. If you want to get into the home & garden niche, this is a great service to promote.

The subscriptions are low-cost and when targeting this audience, you can bet that it will lead to some easy conversions.

My Closing Thoughts On Subscription Box Affiliate Programs

I think that subscription boxes are good for gift giving as well as for personal use. Most of these subscription box affiliate programs offer nice commissions.

Depending on the niche, there is no reason that you cannot make consistent commissions with proper promotion.

I use niche websites to make consistent monthly income online with affiliate marketing. Niche websites offer one of the best ways to generate free traffic and make regular commissions.

Building a successful niche website takes time. However, it can be an easy process when following a step-by-step training program.

That is exactly what I did and was able to go from zero to making a consistent monthly income.

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