4 Pool Supply Affiliate Programs for Your Pool Niche Website

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The pool supply niche is a lucrative niche to be in. There are many different types of pool supplies needed for the care and maintenance of a pool. You can earn great commissions by applying to the various pool supply affiliate programs that are available.

One of the best ways to earn steady commissions in the pool niche is by creating a niche website focusing on pool care & maintenance. I will explain how this works below. The following affiliate programs may be a great place to start as an affiliate marketer.

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Pool Supply Affiliate Programs

  • Pool Supply World
  • In The Swim
  • Doheny
  • Swim Outlet

Pool Supply World

This website carries pretty much everything you would need for pool maintenance such as equipment, chemicals, covers, and more. They also carry patio furniture, floats, games, and other outdoor fun equipment.

The Pool Supply World affiliate program offers between a 5% – 9% commission and is managed by both CJ Affiliate and Rakuten Linkshare.

In The Swim

You can find discount pool supplies and equipment on the In The Swim website. They carry a lot of different necessary products for swimming pools. As an affiliate, you can promote a variety of products.

The In The Swim affiliate program offers up to a 10% commission rate and 7-day cookie length. The affiliate program is managed by Impact.


This company offers a large variety of pool supplies and equipment. They stock 8 giant warehouses and can deliver any item overnight without any additional charges.

The Doheny affiliate program offers up to a 7.5% commission rate. I am not sure who manages the affiliate program. However, you can apply to the affiliate program by using the email address located on the affiliate program page.

Swim Outlet

This company carries over 500 brands of aquatic retail. They also offer a way to create your own online store. Either way, you can earn as an affiliate.

The Swim Outlet affiliate program offers between an 8% – 10% commission rate. Signing up is easy and can be done right on the affiliate program page.

How to Make Money with Any Pool Supply Affiliate Program

I have been an affiliate marketer for several years now and I can say with confidence that one of the best ways to make affiliate commissions is with a niche website.

It wasn’t until I created a niche website that I was finally able to make a steady income online with affiliate marketing.

I didn’t know how to make money with a website when I got started. Instead of trying to figure out how to do so on my own, I searched for an online training program and found this one.

Applying what I learned in the training helped me to transition out of a full-time retail job to working on my website full-time.

A niche website works so well because of the content that is created for it. Essentially, you will be creating content in the form of blog posts.

It is this content that gets indexed and ranked in the search results such as Google and Bing. When this happens, targeted visitors find your blog posts.

A percentage of these visitors will click on your affiliate links and buy whatever product or service you are recommending.

When you have a steady flow of targeted web visitors, your website has the potential to earn a steady income online.

The Swimming Pool Niche

One of the first things you’ll want to do is choose the type of niche you want your website to be in. For example, your website could focus on pool maintenance topics.

Or you can have a more general pool website that covers any variety of swimming pool-related topics.

If you have knowledge about swimming pools, even better. However, if you don’t know a lot about swimming pools, don’t let it deter you from creating a niche website about them.

You can always do your own research or even reach out to pool professionals in your area to have your questions answered.

Whatever you need to know is readily available to you online or with a quick phone call.

Using a Niche Blog to Earn Consistent Commissions

The key to a successful niche blog is consistent content creation. It is important to write blog posts that help your target audience.

You’ll want to do some keyword phrase research to find out what people interested in swimming pools are searching for.

The way I would do this research is by opening up Google Search and typing in keywords related to the niche. Google’s autosuggest feature will return keyword phrases that users search for.

Here are some keyword phrase examples that I found using Google Search autosuggest:

  • how to clean a pool drain
  • best swimming pool vacuum
  • how much chlorine for 500 gallon pool
  • how to use swimming pool chlorine tablets

The quick search results above are barely scratching the surface of the number of keyword phrases that you can write about.

This type of helpful content is what attracts targeted visitors to your website who are interested in buying the types of products you’ll promote.

You can link your affiliate links within your blog posts. Also, remember that this is free web traffic.

How Often to Write New Blog Posts

My goal is to write 1 – 2 new blog posts per week. This is completely doable, even if you have a busy schedule. Blogging should require no more than 2 to 4 hours per week.

As long as you stay consistent with content creation, your blog should have no problem with generating free targeted web traffic after several months of steady effort.

Don’t underestimate content creation. Your website will not succeed if you are sporadic about writing new blog posts.

One of my most successful niche websites became successful due to my aggressive content creation.

Closing Thoughts

The swimming pool niche can offer a lucrative income with affiliate commissions. You can start with any of the pool affiliate programs above or search out many others that are available.

A niche website is an ideal option for promoting pool supplies. It is a long-term online business model that generates free web traffic and can earn commissions for years to come.

If you are ready to level up your affiliate earnings, consider following the same step-by-step training program I followed.

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