7 Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs for Steady Commissions

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Unlike most affiliate programs in which you receive a commission when your referral buys a product, pay per lead affiliate programs pay commissions based on qualified leads. Meaning, all your referral needs to do is reach out to the company with their contact information and requesting more info.

If the company deems your referrals as qualified, you earn a commission. Therefore, there is no other action that your referral needs to take. This is what makes pay per lead affiliate programs a popular option for many affiliates.

In most cases, these affiliate programs are often in niches such as insurance, service-based industries, and debt relief/loan services. Below are some good options for you to consider. I’ll also share how you can get started earning a steady income from these affiliate programs for the long term.

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Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

CuraDebt$30 per debt lead
eTeacher Group$18 per lead
Guardian Debt Relief$32 per lead
Affiliate2Day$8 per lead
Personal Money Servicenot disclosed
Service Directvaries by industry
Contactabilitynot disclosed


This is a debt relief service that offers relief for credit card debt, other unsecured debt, and tax debt. They offer free consultation and multiple ways to earn commissions.

The CuraDebt pay per lead affiliate program offers $30 per debt lead and $40 per tax lead as well as pay per call and confirmed enrollment options.

eTeacher Group

If you like promoting online education services, eTeacher Group is a great option that offers $18 per lead. More people than ever are seeking online education options for their children, particularly in the STEAM field which is what eTeacher Group offers.

Guardian Debt Relief

This is a debt negotiation service that helps people consolidate their unsecured debt. They are able to help set up monthly payment plans so that clients can lower their monthly payments and eventually become debt-free.

The Guardian Debt Relief pay per lead affiliate program offers $32 per qualified lead.


If making money in the dating niche is of interest to you, then Affiliate2Day offers a variety of dating websites that you can promote and earn up to $8 per lead. Dating is an evergreen niche and one in which you can generate consistent leads on a daily basis.

Personal Money Service

This is a loan service that offers personal loans, debt consolidation loans, business loans, and more. Their pay per lead commission rate is not disclosed but the loan niche is popular and can make for steady commissions when targeting the right audience.

Service Direct

There are many service industries that require leads on a regular basis. Service Direct will pay you per lead based on the service industry that you target. They offer a number of different industries to include everything from accident attorneys to window replacement.

The amount of commissions paid varies based on industry. You can check the table on the page below.


Insurance leads are in demand and Contactability offers leads to those in insurance sales. Their affiliate program page does not disclose the commission rate per lead. However, it is likely competitive and if you have the audience, you could generate some great commissions.

How to Make Money with These Affiliate Programs

Making money with pay per lead affiliate programs requires the same amount of effort as it would with any other affiliate program.

As affiliates, our primary focus is to generate leads for the products or services we are recommending. One of my favorite ways to make commissions is by creating a niche website.

A niche website is a website in which you place your focus on one niche. For example, let’s say you really like the debt relief niche.

You could create a niche website that focuses on how to help people reduce their debt. In the process, you can recommend various debt relief services that you are an affiliate of.

Why a Focused Niche Website Can Mean Steady Income for You

The reason why niche websites are excellent for making a steady income online is due to the content that you create. Content is another word for article writing or even more simply put, a blog post.

When you write content for your website, you’ll be answering the questions and concerns of your target audience. In the case of our debt relief niche website example, you could write content that addresses topics like:

  • how to pay off credit card debt
  • how to save money while paying off debt
  • how does debt consolidation work

You can find what the people in your niche audience are searching for by doing keyword phrase research.

The easiest and fastest way to find out what people are searching for is by opening up Google Search and typing in related keywords. Google will return autosuggest keyword phrases.

Make a list of these autosuggest keywords and write articles based on what you find. This will provide you with an unlimited amount of content to write about.

Best of all, as time passes, many of your articles will be indexed and ranked in the search engines like Google.

Your target audience will visit your blog posts and a percentage of those visitors will click on your affiliate links and convert into qualified leads earning you commissions.

What You Need to Get Started

You don’t need very much to launch your own successful niche website. There are three key elements you’ll need:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting (I recommend Rocket.net)
  • WordPress installed on your hosting account

Almost any web hosting company can set you up with everything that you need to include registering a domain name and installing WordPress.

Once you have your website up, it is a matter of choosing a WordPress theme for your website and creating content.

When I started my niche website years ago, I wasn’t sure how to go about earning affiliate commissions with it. I searched for an online training program and found this one.

Thankfully, by putting into action everything that I learned there, I was able to transition out of a full-time retail job to work on my website full-time.

Closing Thoughts

I do hope the above affiliate programs offer you some options for earning income via lead generation. Keep in mind that it will require consistent effort on your part to produce these leads.

My recommendation is to create a niche website and produce content for your website on a regular basis. This will generate a steady stream of leads for you over time.

Get started with your niche website today. Follow the same training I used to transition out of a full-time retail job to working on my website full-time. Click here to learn how.

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