Can John Assaraf and Neurogym Help Make You Money?

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I’ve been a fan of John Assaraf ever since he appeared in the 2006 film, The Secret. If you are not familiar with The Secret, it was a film that brought the Law of Attraction into the mainstream.

John became known for attracting the same home that he cut out of a magazine years earlier and placed onto a vision board. He has authored many books, with his most popular being Having it All and Innercise.

Since then, he has founded and run many successful businesses. His current business is Neurogym and he offers several products that help people achieve their personal and financial goals.

PRODUCT NAME:Neurogym BrainAThon

A Mini John Assaraf Bio

John has had a long and successful career. At a young age, he got caught up with the wrong crowd and got into some trouble. However, he eventually crossed paths with his first mentor who sold real estate.

His mentor asked John what he wanted in life and taught John how to go about reaching his goals. He became a real estate agent and grew his business into earning millions of dollars per year.

Eventually, John became interested in how the brain works and how our habits impact our decisions. Thus, his company Neurogym was founded and specializes in helping people achieve their goals financially and personally.

The Secret Film

Another thing you may recognize John Assaraf from is the 2006 film, The Secret. After that film, many of the people in it gained popularity such as Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, Mike Dooley, and many more.

John also gained popularity for using the Law of Attraction, primarily by using vision boards as a tool to help attract what you want into your life.

Below is a photo of him in front of the exact home he purchased years later after having cut out a picture of it and placing it onto his vision board.

What makes the story even more fascinating is that he didn’t realize that he bought the same exact home until after he and his family were already moved in.

After unpacking one of the moving boxes, he discovered the vision board he had created years earlier with the photo of the home.

The home John attracted using a vision board and the Law of Attraction

Although John’s products don’t focus as much on using the Law of Attraction, he still creates the occasional video about it on his YouTube channel.

John Assaraf Products

One thing I’d say for certain is that John’s products are from a scam. He has a solid reputation and years of business experience. You can find plenty of video interviews of him on popular tv shows such as Ellen and Larry King.

He has also been interviewed by popular YouTube channels such as Lewis Howes, Ed Mylett, and Impact Theory.

There are many products to choose from, all of which address specific key areas such as money, weight loss, and procrastination. I will briefly highlight each of them below.


This product is a free online event that features five world-renowned brain science and success experts. They explain the latest brain science to help you achieve your financial and personal goals.

BrainAThon Website

Change Your Brain, Change Your Income

If your goal is to increase your income, this on-demand training features John Assaraf showing you how to utilize the latest research in neuroscience to unchain your brain. The purpose is to eliminate conscious and subconscious blocks in order to accelerate your income.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Income Website

3 Keys to Eliminating Procrastination

If procrastination is an issue for you, you can watch this on-demand training and learn how to stop procrastination once and for all so that you can achieve your dreams.

Eliminating Procrastination Website

How to Manage Fear and Uncertainty in Tough Times

This training covers the latest brain methods to overcome hidden unconscious fears that may be keeping you from achieving your personal and financial goals.

How to Manage Fear & Uncertainty Website

Winning the Game of Weight Loss

Learn how to achieve your weight loss goals, regain your self-esteem & confidence, and live a life of health and vitality. This course uses neuro-stimulation technology to accelerate the process of retraining your brain.

Winning the Game of Weight Loss

3 Shortcuts to Unstoppable Success

Do you want to reach success faster? This training offers 3 shortcuts used by the world’s most successful people that will allow you to achieve 2-5X more in half the time.

Shortcuts to Unstoppable Success Website

Is Neurogym Worth It?

Compared to other products that teach you how to make money or generate a new stream of income, John’s products are different in that they focus on brain science to achieve your financial goals.

Understanding how the brain works and how to overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs is essential for anyone.

Therefore, if you want to understand and overcome the root cause of why you cannot increase your income or break through a plateau, then John’s training may be what you need.

Before investing in any of his products, you may want to check out John’s YouTube channel or sign up for any of his on-demand pieces of training.

Overall, I do enjoy his teaching style. He has a very calm and easy-going way of teaching which is easy to understand.

Will His Products Benefit Affiliate Marketers?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or searching for a course that teaches affiliate marketing, John’s products may not be the best fit.

However, if you are already established in your online business and want to break through a financial plateau, his training would likely be more beneficial in that sense.

For example, when I took affiliate marketing seriously, I searched for an online training course that focused on how I wanted to make money online and found this one.

Following that training and putting what I learned into action made all of the difference for my online business.

I was able to transition out of a full-time retail job into working on my website full-time. Sometimes taking the right training is what helps you achieve your goals much faster.

Closing Thoughts

I think if you are interested in brain science and how you can breakthrough personal and financial plateaus, John’s products are worth considering.

If you prefer to learn how to earn income promoting affiliate products, consider following the same step-by-step training I followed when I started my online business.

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