Learn How I Earn a Steady Income Online with Affiliate Marketing

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Hi! Welcome to my website. My name is Eartha and I’m a full-time affiliate marketer. I created this website to help beginner affiliate marketers learn how to earn a steady income online.

You don’t have to struggle to make one random affiliate commission here and there. There is a better way and that is to focus on one affiliate marketing strategy.

There are many ways to approach affiliate marketing. The strategy I like is to choose an affiliate product first that has a good commission.

Then, I build an affiliate campaign promoting the product.

It helps if you have used the product yourself. It makes it easier to recommend the product to others.

Next, I set up an automated system to do all of the selling and converting for me. This is referred to as creating a sales funnel.

The final step is to send traffic to your sales funnel using free organic traffic methods such as using short-form content (Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, TikTok, etc.)

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