6 Sub Niche Camping Affiliate Programs for Targeted Sales

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The camping niche is an evergreen niche that people everywhere partake in for fun and recreation. I’ve tracked down six camping affiliate programs in different sub-niches in order to provide an alternative to marketing in the broader camping niche.

Targeting a sub-niche is a great way to generate sales as an affiliate marketer as you are not competing in the broader camping gear niche. That means less competition but a more targeted audience that is ready to buy.

With these affiliate programs, you can focus on an audience that is ready to buy as they are searching for specific products. What is cool is that these products are unique, high-quality, and make certain factors about camping easier.

Camping Affiliate Programs

  • Solo Stove
  • Body Brew
  • Feathered Friends
  • Kawartha
  • Tentsile
  • iKamper

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1. Solo Stove

camping affiliate programs - solo stove

Solo Stove has to be one of the coolest camping cooking stoves I’ve ever come across. Unlike a typical outdoor stove, Solo Stove products only need a handful of twigs as a fuel source.

They sell stoves for fire pits and camp stoves. They also sell cookware and dinnerware. The average order value is $150+ with high conversion rates.

The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink with a 10% commission and 60-day cookie length.

Why Solo Stove is Worth Promoting

These fire pits and stoves are unique and only need twigs to generate a fire. They are convenient and portable. Highlight these features and there is hardly an outdoor enthusiast that wouldn’t buy.

By targeting the right audience and focusing on outdoor cooking, there is a high chance that these stoves would convert extremely well. I would definitely focus on outdoor cooking for this niche.

2. Body Brew

body brew cold brew coffee maker

Body Brew is a convenient way to create super concentrated cold brew extract. Although it is cold brew coffee, you can use the cold brew extract for both hot and iced drinks.

The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale and offers a 10% commission and 90-day cookie length. The average order is around $72. You also have the ability to make custom creatives and promos.

Why Body Brew is Worth Promoting

Many campers are big on their morning cup of coffee. Campers would find this coffee maker convenient and easy to use. It doesn’t require batteries or plugging in.

The coffee concentrate that it creates can be used for making both hot and cold coffee drinks. I believe this product would make for easy conversions on any type of camping website.

3. Feathered Friends

feathered friends camping affiliate program

Feathered Friends is a family-owned outdoor gear company that specializes in down-filled outdoor gear. They sell down sleeping bags, down jackets & vests, down bedding, as well as other outdoor accessories.

The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and offers a 7% commission and 45-day cookie length. The average order value is $463.

Why Feathered Friends is Worth Promoting

I chose this affiliate program for the well-made sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are a popular selling items for the outdoors.

Feathered Friends has high-quality products that are handmade in Seattle since 1972. Their sleeping bags are designed for cold weather (20 degrees and up) as well as expedition bags for extreme cold.

I think campers would appreciate these handmade products as well as their excellent user reviews. It can make for easy conversions when recommending sleeping bags on your niche website.

4. Kawartha

kawartha affiliate program

Kawartha is known for its Dry Bag Cooler. It is a dry bag and cooler combined into one. Campers and hikers can keep their beverages cold all day with this bag.

The company sells other high-quality camping gear as well to include hammocks, chairs, blankets, mugs, and campkins (microfiber napkins).

The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink offering an 8% commission with the potential to earn 10% if you’re a high-performing affiliate. There is a 30-day cookie length.

There is an average order of $45+ with minimal returns on products.

Why Kawartha is Worth Promoting

I like this company because they focus on a few products aimed at making camping better. The Dry Bag Cooler is a unique product that solves the issue of keeping beverages or other cold items cold for hours.

They are a popular item as of this writing, their Dry Bag Coolers are sold out. As an affiliate, I think you could expect great conversions with the products on this website.

5. Tentsile

tentsile affiliate program

Tentsile is a company that creates tree tents. Their tree tents come in a 1-person tree tent up to a 6-person tree tent. They also sell hammocks that accommodate 1 to 6 people.

The affiliate program is managed in-house using Affiliatly software. There is a 10% commission rate.

Why Tentsile is Worth Promoting

For one thing, tree tents are definitely unlike typical camping tents that are set-up on the ground. Campers can sleep in these tents which are elevated off of the ground.

I think serious campers would be interested in trying these tree tents and they certainly make a great gift for giving to a camping enthusiast.

As an affiliate, you could make great commissions when marketing to the right audience. Some of these tree tents range from $200+ to over $1,000.

6. iKamper

ikamper affiliate program

iKamper manufactures rooftop tents that are placed on top of a vehicle. They can sleep from one to four people depending on the model.

The tents only take a minute to set-up once they are properly mounted to a vehicle. They fit most vehicle sizes.

The affiliate program is managed by AvantLink and offers a 10% commission with an average order of $2,200.

Why iKamper is Worth Promoting

iKamper rooftop tents are a highly sought after product. They are a great option for campers that do not necessarily want to sleep on the ground or want a convenient way to travel from one campsite to the next in their car.

It is also an inexpensive alternative to buying an RV. As an affiliate, you can earn some lucrative commissions when promoting this to outdoor enthusiasts.

Bonus: Check out the Bass Pro affiliate program for more outdoor products.

How to Best Promote These Camping Affiliate Programs

Although there are a number of ways to promote an affiliate product, I prefer creating a niche website. Niche websites are an excellent way to generate consistent affiliate commissions.

It wasn’t until I created my first niche website that I was able to finally begin making commissions on a regular basis.

The reason is that a niche website focuses on one specific topic. This is why I purposely searched for the unique affiliate programs on the list above.

Rather than focus on the broader camping niche, you can create a niche website in a sub-niche such as tents and promote the iKamper rooftop tent or Tentsile treetop tents.

Or you could create a niche website for outdoor cooking and recommend the Solo Stove. By choosing a niche, you lower your competition when competing for ranking in the search results.

How a Niche Website Works

A niche website is essentially a blog. I recommend using a self-hosted WordPress website. You can easily set up a self-hosted WordPress website by ordering hosting from any commercial web hosting provider.

You can register a domain name and use a one-click WordPress installation. In some cases, the web hosting provider may even install WordPress for you.

If you need a recommendation for web hosting, I suggest WPX Hosting as that is the hosting provider I use. Their hosting is fast and their customer support is excellent.

Once your WordPress website is up, you can begin creating content for your target audience. The key is to do a bit of keyword research to know what your audience is searching for.

You then write helpful content that answers the questions that your audience is searching for. Check out what people search for in terms of rooftop tents:

search engine search results

From the list above, you could create content for rooftop tents safety or create a blog post highlighting the benefits to answer why they are worth it.

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Closing Thoughts On These Camping Affiliate Programs

I hope that these camping affiliate programs offered some brainstorming ideas for selecting a sub-niche within the overall camping niche.

All of the above affiliate programs offer some unique products that I feel will convert extremely well.

These conversions can happen on a consistent basis when using a niche website to promote the products.

Niche websites are how I run my online business. It is one of the best ways to make affiliate commissions while you’re sleeping, shopping, or relaxing with your family.

Following a step-by-step training program is an efficient way to learn and earn faster than if you tried to learn on your own.

It is what I did and it has helped me to create niche websites that generate monthly affiliate commissions.

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